Chronicle of Brothers Series by Wendy Alec

It has been way too long since I have done a book review. Geez! Needless to say I have been reading quite a bit! While on my hiatus from my blog, I read one of the best series have ever read. Yes you heard me right, this is now in my number one slot! The first book was very good, granted some descriptive words Wendy Alec overused, but it was still a great and well laid out series. I am honestly waiting for Book 5 to come out. I will have to reread this again before that happens just so I can refresh details in my mind.

If you like Fiction, Fantasy, Angels, Demons, Apocalyptic scenarios or just like Christian Fiction this is a great series that will keep you captivated beginning to the soon to come end. (?) Assuming Book 5 is the end of course LOL!

I honestly can't pick a favorite out of the four books already written. So I know the 5th will likely hold the same merit. Anyway you need to pick it up! You can find them on and I believe other book sellers online. I wasn't able to find it at my library at the time I read it but who knows by now they may have copies. Go, hurry, start reading it. You likely won't put the books down once you start!

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