Writing is harder then it seems...

Really should writing be this hard? I have a complete vision of the Angel Chronicles Series I want to write and have even named all the books and started with the first 8 chapters of the first book in the series, but I have not be able to write since like June. Mind you I am crazy busy but I miss taking the time to write, I miss it. I am horrible at sticking to a schedule, I am an artist so it is all about inspiration LOL. Maybe soon I will be inspired to write more, who knows all I know is this would be a great read if I could just get it all out on paper, or computer!!

Angel Chronicles
The Chosen
The Fallen
The Redeemed

That's the name of the Series and the books, now to just get going with this. Maybe when things settle down, LOL probably won't be getting to this till my kids are in college!

Being a Designer and a lover of Jesus, this is one of the BEST books I have! NO QUESTION...If you think you know the love of Jesus guess again and read this book. BEYOND WORTH IT!!

Being a Writer

You think being a writer has some romanticism to it, let me tell you, it really does not. I have been writing on and off for years, but I am finally going to follow through and finish a book if it kills me. This series will be awesome I just know it, the problem I am having now is the great and terrible writer's block, I have ideas but they aren't translating to page yet. I think really I just have not had the time to sit and process it out. The ideas are on pages scream out at me to put them together, but I tell you I want to just scream back and say, "Write yourself already!" It is my dream to finish this series, and I will, I know in time, but I pray I am not 50 by the time this is over, I would really like to get the first book done this year. Oh please pray for me, this process is not as easy as it sounds. Thank God for books to read, movies to watch, and people who say things which all fuel the creativity in me. Just have to thread it all together. Chapter 8 your going to come out soon, You hear me!

Book Review: Auralia's Colors, Cyndere's Midnight & Raven's Ladder

I will just tell you this set was packed full of adventure. Touching on the trials and tibulations that every human deals with, Hope, pain, loss, fighting for what is right and overcoming the enemy in our lives whatever that may be. I was riveted from the first book and was glad to read them all, I really loved Auralia which I am sure every reader will. This set is much better read in sequence, and well I made the mistake of accidently reading Raven's Ladder before Cyndere's Midnight, I suggest you don't do that. I am hoping there will be another book in the making but time will tell. Give this set 4 stars! Awesome all the way through.

Book Series Review: Trylle Series (Torn, Switched, and Ascend)

Torn was a good introduction to a this trilogy. It played the Characters well, You wanted to fall in love with Finn and feel bad for Wendy for all she has been through,and you wanted to slap Elora too a few times. As the story goes on it builds well to the next book. I give this book 4 stars. First Fantasy/Fiction I have read about Trolls.

Switched was also very good, twist and turns and new Characters added, you begin to really love this crew. I would also give this book 4 stars.

Ascend was, well, good for the most part, some stuff gets resolved that you were hoping to see play out, but to me it felt rushed. Like the Author had to finish it. Having access to the trilogy in a short amount of time is awesome for the reader, it's disappointing when it feels like you're being pulled through a story and not really getting a nice flow. I would have liked to have read more, details are fine when you get wrapped in a book you want to feel it all get played out before you finish. So this one I give 2 1/2 stars.

Product Review: The Nook

When I first got my Nook last year, I thought I was cheating on my books. That may sound odd to most people but I love a new book, the feel, smell and just newness of it is addicting.
Not having pages to smell or feel felt so wrong at first, I do have to say though as soon as I downloaded and read my first book, I was hooked!!
I love that I can shop for books on my Nook. Independant writers are now one of my favs to look for. Sure best sellers are awesome, but being a wanna-be writer myself, I think it is only right to check out new authors. Even doing so has made my dream of writing even more real. You can find gold too, I have found so many free ebooks that turn out being amazing! I mean some of them I would pay good money to read normally.
Plus you can find deals that will keep your library full, and the lending option makes this my wisest buy of the last couple years, that, and my Kirby Vacuum ;)
The Nook is a purchase I will never regret, but sometimes I still have a love affair with a new paperback just to remember that newness.

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