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I am Shevonne, a fun loving, wisdom-seeking, outgoing, stay at home Mama. I love life and all God has blessed me with. My #1 addiction is reading, I eat and sleep thinking of what to read next. I love fantasy fiction, self-help, mystery and so many other genres that I have a hard time sticking to one.
Right now I am working of a Christian Fantasy Fiction Trilogy and so excited to just get it out to the world.
I love reading new authors and I hope someday someone loves reading my books too.

This blog is my way of get out all that I love about reading, reading products and the frustrations of writing a book, from character development all the way to the end details. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Love and Prayers
Shevonne Daley

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I am Wifey to Bobby Daley, A Rockin' Mama, Homeschool Diva, and Founder of a Suicide Prevention Ministry called For the Broken and now transitioning to Pastor of an Online Interactive Church called For the Broken Church

I love to help people find their identity and purpose in Christ.

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