Where can I find the time??

I am so frustrated at the fact I have not had much time to blog or read, or WRITE!! I know it will all happen in the right time. With everything that has been going on I am still stuck on Chapter 8 of The Chosen, and I hit a wall HARD! Right now I have taken a break for a few months to really start reading again and glean ideas from life.
Some new purchases I made to finish out some of my collections include:

Hades By: Alexandra Adornetto
I have not opened this book yet but it is the sequel to her Halo book, and I am looking forward to reading it. The story is different, but I love books that are outside the box, especially when it comes to Angels.
Some more great books:
Crescendo and Silence 
By: Becca Fitzpatrick
Hush Hush was a really good book, 
and I expect the others to be good too.

Also I have been talking about taking classes to help enhance some of the skills I will need to have with the Suicide Prevention/Awareness group we started called For the Broken. So I purchased this book to help with some of the issues I will see and how to appropriately help people in hurting situations.
Helping those who hurt By: Barbara Roberts

Hoping to soon read  this book called 
Purpose for the Pain
(Personal journal  entries and writing of an amazing woman who was going through Rehab.) 
By: Renee Yohe

Hope you get some ideas for reading!! And if you can help inspire me to write OH PLEASE DO!! LOL
Lots of Love,


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